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AILA Style Guidelines

[These guidelines were created for use by multiple contributers once the AILA website is housed on a server that will allow such access. Therefore some of the directions or guidelines may not make sense in our current environment but they will later in time.]

Below are guidelines to help you create American Indian Library Association pages. If this is the first time you have created a page for this site, please begin with Using the Template. Also, please remember you must post your pages for review by the department before you post them to the server.

Table of Contents
    * "Back to top" (Page Navigation)
    * Body text (fonts, colors, etc.)
    * Contact Information
    * Heading Levels (when to use which ones)
    * Hyperlink Colors
    * Meta Tags
    * Page Title
    * Posting Pages for Review
    * Saving Files
    * Spelling and Grammar
    * Using the Template
    * Browser Version Compatibility
The Style Guidelines pages are adapted from pages prepared by Jane Himmel and Valerie Glenn, Government Documents Department, University of North Texas Libraries .