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Contact Information

The American Indian Library Association Web Publishing Guidelines require that home pages include contact information. The common navigation bar for the AILA Web site provides the Association's email address. The AILA Elected Officers page provides email addresses for the elected executive council.

If you are creating a group of pages, include your name at the bottom of the main page directly above the footer as a contact for that group of pages.

Please make sure that:
  1. the title of the page is in bold text
  2. the title of the page in the contact information matches exactly the title of the page or group of pages
  3. the author's name appears in regular text with an email link
See examples below:

The Transportation Resources pages were prepared by Mark Gilman.

If your page stands by itself and is not a part of a group, please use this format:

The Genealogy Information page was prepared by Karen Neal.

Create an email link to the contact person on the page

If you did not create the page but are currently maintaining it, please use the following format:

The Transportation Resources pages were prepared by Mark Gilman and are currently maintained by Arlene Weible.