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AILA Style Guide
Browser Version Compatibility

The Government Information Connection Web site is best viewed with 800 X 600 screen resolution or higher and is designed for browser versions that support JavaScript, cascading style sheets, and layers. If you are visiting the site with a browser version that does not support these features, you may notice the following problems:
  1. inconsistency of font family in headings, paragraphs, and navigation bars

  2. inconsistency of text color in headings, paragraphs and navigation bars

  3. the inability to view JavaScript rollovers and pop-up menus on the home page

  4. the inability to view the subjects and categories pop-up box that resides in a secondary layer on the main page of the site
For specific information on the use of style sheets and JavaScript at this website see appropriate sections below.

Cascading Style Sheets

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are used at the AILA Web site to ensure consistency withregard to font family, size, and color used in headings, links, and regular body text. Together style sheets and templates have enabled the site administrator to allow multiple staff members to work on pages for the site with minimized risk of deviation from site style guidelines. Additionally, any changes to properties controlled by the style sheet can be edited once in the style sheet and applied to the entire site, saving many hours of staff time.

Unfortunately, older versions of popular browsers do not support CSS. If your browser does not support CSS, you will see fonts and colors that do not adhere to site style guidelines. The following are some examples:
  1. Top and side navigation bars are difficult to read due to the fact that text appearing on navy backgrounds appears in red or blue rather than white as dictated in the style sheet.

  2. Headings throughout the site appear in the browser's default font family rather than Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif as dictated in the style sheet. They may also appear as black rather than navy.

  3. Paragraph text throughout the site also appears in the browser's default font family rather than in Arial, Helvetica, or sans-serif.

  4. Occasionally a page displays in a mixture of Arial and the browser's default font. (This occurs when text properties controlled in the style sheet are overridden on portions of text for whatever reason by text properties specified on the page.)
JavaScript Rollovers and Popup menus

JavaScript is used on the AILA Home Page to create a "rollover" effect. The buttons on the left side of the screen appear to change colors as the user's mouse glides over them. Additionally, preview menus simultaneously appear to show users what kind of information they will find on pages associated with these buttons.

Netscape Navigator versions prior to 2.x, Internet Explorer versions prior to 3.x, and character-based browsers, such as Lynx, do not support JavaScript (or JScript). Any browser that does not support JavaScript will still display the default button, or in the case of a character-based browser, the alternate text.

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