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AILA Style Guide
"Back to Top" (Page Navigation)

In accordance with AILA Style Guidelines, each page within the site should include a Back to Top link just above the footer. Such links allow the user to return to the top of the page without scrolling. [Note: If the content of the page is visible on the screen without scrolling, you may delete this Back to Top link.]

Lengthy pages should include additional links placed at appropriate intervals. Usually, the end of a section is a good place to put one. Use your own judgment on how often to include a link to the top of the page. You don't want to litter the page with them -- you only want to place them occasionally.

An anchor called #top is imbedded in the template, and you will notice that a "Back to Top" link is also included at the bottom of the page. In order to add more Back to Top links, you may simply copy the link from the bottom of the template and paste it into another location.